MT Synchrony Cheap Motocross Crash Helmet

Compellingly formed totally ventilated unpleasant landscape defensive dirt bike cheap motocross head gear helmet

5 Stars from 2 reviews

The MT Synchrony isn't yet SHARP tried however beforehand tried MT protective caps have performed entirely well scoring between 3 to 5 stars – so we'd anticipate that this one will be truly sheltered. It's ACU endorsed (so can be utilized on the track) and ECE 22.05 affirmed.

For Pros or Amateurs, the MT Synchrony ensures all of you the way. Super lightweight, additional solid development and super cool components that make the MT Synchrony the best decision for rough terrain riders. This extraordinary cap is a developed from a polycarbonate infusion formed shell with removable and movable streamlined crest intended for less resistance on the track. The counter slide plates guarantee you goggles stay set up abandoning you to concentrate on the opposition.


  • ECE 22.05 and DOT guaranteed 
  • Removable and launderable interior liner 
  • Removable and flexible crest 
  • Hello there stream ventilation framework 
  • Miniaturized scale metric maintenance framework 
  • Aluminum screws 
  • Different thickness EPS 
  • Hostile to slide goggle tabs

MT is a Spanish head protector creator known for its scope of spending plan caps. The MT is a rough terrain protective cap with a thermoplastic shell and multi-thickness cushioning for stun retention. It has a couple of decent touches like essential (however removable) crest for expanded streamlined features, and a goggle strap channel formed into the shell with against slip channels to stop the goggles moving when you're getting physical. It's likewise got great ventilation with something MT call Active Flux 360 ventilation framework – not certain that is a great deal more than vents at the front and a fumes at the back to bring air over the skull – yet most makers like to give extravagant marks to these things. It is very brave for the dynamic go dirt road romping however – removable and launderable coating and aluminum screws make clearing it all around somewhat simpler.

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